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Full range of GI procedures


Gynecological Oncology​


Hepatobilliary and Pancreatic surgeries


Management of High risk pregnacy


Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeries


Gynec endocrinology

Surgical Gastroenterology

Surgical Gastroenterology is asub-speciality dealing with the operation of conditions related to the mortal gastrointestinal tract involving the organs videlicet oesophagus, stomach, pancreas, liver, bitterness bladder and biliary tractsmall and large intestine, rectum and anus. It’s a well honored specialty moment.

Our Surgical Gastroenterology Services

Salient Features

24*7 Obstetrics & Gynaecology Consultants​

Painless Labor With Epidural Analgesia​

Electronic Fetal Monitoring in Labor​

Level 3 NICU Support For Critical Care​

Stem Cell Collection Dietary Advise for Pregnant and Lactating Mother​

Gynecologic laparoscopy

Gynecologic laparoscopy is an volition to open surgery. It uses a laparoscope to look inside your pelvic areaOpen surgery frequently requires a large gash.

A laparoscope is a slender, lighted telescope. It allows your croaker to see inside your bodyIndividual laparoscopy can determine whether you have conditions similar as endometriosis or fibroids. It can also be a form of treatment.

Our Gynecologic laparoscopy Services

Special Scores In Digestive Care

Surgeons performing surgery

contact capital Laparoscopic Surgery is a tertiary referral center attracting patients from all over the region. This highly specialized unit is committed to focussed care on Gastro-Intestinal Diseases and is well equipped to perform all major GI surgeries like liver resections, pancreatic resections, and all advanced GI Laparoscopic surgeries. The main objective of the department is to serve as an apex institution providing state-of-the-art medical facilities though highly sophisticated equipment and highly skilled personnel.

The department has state-of-the-art equipment like Harmonic Scalpel, vessel sealing system, Intra-operative ultrasound, High Definition 3-Chip laparoscopic systems of Karl-Storz, Stryker and has facilities like Intra-operative Endoscopy. The department has excellent support of well-equipped ICU and super-specialists.

In this modern era, the Department of General Surgery has been redefined as the Department of Laparoscopic surgery ( Minimal Access Surgery or Key-hole surgery). Almost all abdominal surgeries can now be done with the help of a laparoscope by using small key-hole like incisions instead of traditional large cuts on skin. The benefits of this approach include the reduction in pain, speedy recovery, less blood loss and minimal/no scar on the body.

With state-of-the-art facilities, the Centre is associated with Cancer, Breast, Thyroid, Vascular, Trauma Surgery, Gastroenterology, Hepatobiliary (Liver, Gall Bladder, Bile Duct), Pancreas, Endocrine, Oncology, Paediatric, Bariatric and Basic Cosmetic Surgeries.